Master Pixel Kit

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Master the Pixels! This large kit provides a substantial amount of cards and clips to go bigger, build higher, and design more. Unleash your mind and design, build amazing objects, contraptions, replicas, and creations in this amazing world of card building. With a truly endless amount of possibilities you will have a building system of specialized clips and our uniquely designed building cards to build your world, the way you dream it. Whether your building for fun or engineering the card version of the Eiffel Tower, building is simple and engaging for nearly all ages and of all skill levels from beginners to experts.

Need something bigger? Maybe some castle and bricks? See the Super Construction Kit.

 This kit features over 324 Cards & 900 Clips!

 Kit Includes

  • 54 Pixel Blue Cards
  • 54 Pixel Green Cards
  • 54 Pixel Red Cards
  • 54 Pixel Yellow Cards
  • 54 Pixel Grey Cards
  • 54 Pixel Brown Cards
  • 280 pcs Straight Clips
  • 280 pcs 90 Degree Clips
  • 120 pcs 3 Way Clips
  • 80 pcs 45 Degree Clips
  • 80 pcs 135 Degree Clips
  • 60 pcs 4 Way Clips
  • Fun Idea Book

Building with Card Clips has STEAM. Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics 

We have included an idea book full of tips and builds to inspire endless creative possibilities. Inside you you will find everything you need to start having a blast right away!



animals  contraptions robots castles
plants chain reactions vehicles towers
boats pyramids satellites forts
temples coliseum planes houses
organizers doll houses statues windmills
rockets marble mazes space ships bridges
pantheon swords replicas armor
Master Pixel Kit

Master Pixel Kit