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Easy to use Speed Template

Fast and easy setup - frustration free setup!

Templates make it fast and easy to set up large runs and fields. Multiple templates can be snapped together to create large templates for amazing designs and extra long runs.

This template also helps young builders making it easy and frustration free for them to set up more dominoes. Domino Templates are a must have to make your designs straight and symmetrical. Made with precise spacing for building walls and towers.

  • Easy to use Speed Template
  • 16 Dominoes in a row
  • Frustration free for young builders
  • Also works with up to 32 MINI Dominoes
  • Can be used as a Safety Stop
  • interlocking design - connects multiple together
  • Proper Spacing for Walls
The Kinetic Dominoes amazon2 The Kinetic Dominoes setup winding chains

Pro-Scale premium quality stacking dominoes

Infinite setup possibilities: Setup winding runs, chain reactions, super spirals, pyramids, walls, towers, 3D structures so much more!

  • Infinite setup possibilities
  • Huge replay value
  • Fun for the whole family
  • Non-toxic paint free
  • Made in USA
The Kinetic Dominoes stack up to ultimate heights


Stack to New heights! Go up and Over

The Domino Bridge is the perfect accessory for Making dominoes run over and under the bridge. you can also make them topple off the bridge onto a field of dominoes

The Kinetic Dominoes stack and topple


Create domino art and chain reactions

Coordinate colors to create cool designs, text, logos and more. Create an endless amount of different runs and chain reaction tricks by arranging them in different ways.

The Kinetic Dominoes super fun to setup


Spinners are super fun and easy to use

With more than 6 different ways to use just one of these and more than a dozen tricks if you have two! Spinners are a must have accessory for anyone stacking and toppling dominoes.

The Kinetic Dominoes spin to win and super fun